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  • Dining Tables

    Not every meal is about the food. The most innovative dining spaces are a place to be seen, not just a spot to grab a bite between meetings or classes. More and more, that cup of coffee with a colleague can spark a new idea, and the impromptu small team meeting in the comfort of the campus or company café can lead to a long-awaited breakthrough.

  • Mez

    Mez is a perfect balance of hard edges, soft curves, and interesting shapes. This table series creates an appealing aesthetic in cafes, bars, collaborative areas, and small meeting spaces. The Mez Series continues to grow, from the most petite café tables to double-based meeting tables reaching 120 inches in width. Mez is also offered with power surface options.

  • Swap Tables

    Swap tables. It’s a simple thing done right. The right proportions. Flawless surfaces. Perfect structure. Squares or rounds at the floor with a gentle float. All the sizes. All the heights. All the finishes. It’s the table program that is sure to become your favorite spec. Casual meeting and cafe tables suitable for a variety of applications: break rooms, meeting rooms, private offices and more!