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  • Cortana

    Joe Ricchio creates the Cortona Lounge Series as a complement to his highly-successful Cortona side chair for HBF. Expressing the force and beauty of simplicity, this light-scaled group of seating draws inspiration from the classic works of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. Cortona seating stresses flowing line and balanced proportions, beautifully embodying the timeless principles of modern design.

  • Qove

    Intuitive to understand, specify and use, Qove Lounge creates a plethora of planning options with 4 basic models. Standard features like integrated power, tablet arm, and a privacy screen make specification simple. Material options to express individuality include veneer or fabric back options, non-woven PET or acrylic privacy screens. Highly adaptable and versatile, Qove can be configured to support individual work, touchdown and collaborative spaces, along with conference environments.

  • Side by Side

    Side by Side brings a limitless list of opportunities in modular office seating. Characterized by the smooth curvature of the chair design, this modern age office series creates new worlds of possibilities. The sleek style is uniform for every piece of this series. Side by Side is not designed in the image of other office furniture; Side by Side creates its own image.

  • Skara

    A modern twist on a tailored classic, Skara Lounge is a great public space solution. Multiple back, base, ottoman and upholstery options make Skara work in any lounge application including third space, collaborative meeting spaces, private office lounges, or public waiting areas.

  • The Edge

    The Edge, a flexible menu of components that can be combined in limitless ways to meet changing needs. The Edge’s versatility and functionality accommodates a shift in space design from segregated, cubicle-defined work areas to open, common spaces that can easily adapt to shifting priorities. The Edge frees us from conventional work patterns.

  • Ziva

    Ziva addresses the needs of today’s on-the-go office style with a comprehensive collection of configurable and freestanding seating and an offering of corresponding functional tables. Designed by New Studio, LLC.