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  • Banda

    Bända is pure and simple modern lounge furniture that delivers configurability for sensible and adaptable social, public spaces. Its lightly scaled, open steel frame creates more accessible fluid spaces, effortlessly replacing bulky furniture. Power and data, lighting and universal components create harmonious backdrops for personal work or collaborative sit­downs. Designed by Daniel Korb

  • Blok

    Blok walks the line between mass appeal and contemporary styling with its striking combination of crisp lines and hard edges. This bold sofa offers infinite configurations, from a classic freestanding sofa to lengthy sectionals featuring corner pieces that expose the underlying pallet surface. Blok rests on elegant metal legs that are impossibly thin and undoubtedly strong.

  • Symphony

    Symphony is an excellent choice for lobby and waiting areas, galleries and common areas. Set on cast aluminum legs, the gentle cadence of the formed plywood seat structure creates a visually pleasing and comfortable seating space for 2, 3, or 4 persons. Available in wood veneers and black or white paint.