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  • Blok

    Blok walks the line between mass appeal and contemporary styling with its striking combination of crisp lines and hard edges. This bold sofa offers infinite configurations, from a classic freestanding sofa to lengthy sectionals featuring corner pieces that expose the underlying pallet surface. Blok rests on elegant metal legs that are impossibly thin and undoubtedly strong.

  • Join

    As the first chair that fuses painted wood with wood veneer, Join not only defies convention but also ushers in a whole new approach to bent plywood technology. The unprecedented opportunity to mix and match shell materials fosters an aesthetic that is both ultramodern and unexpectedly retro. The generous contoured shape of the shell works beautifully with both the A-frame of the side chair and the spired base of the barstool.

  • Lipse

    A seating classic was born with the creation of Lipse. The unique plywood shell creates a distinctive design statement with its signature curvature and shape. The iconic details of Lipse make it instantly recognizable with the perfect multi-purpose design.

  • Mez

    Mez is a perfect balance of hard edges, soft curves, and interesting shapes. This table series creates an appealing aesthetic in cafes, bars, collaborative areas, and small meeting spaces. The Mez Series continues to grow, from the most petite café tables to double-based meeting tables reaching 120 inches in width. Mez is also offered with power surface options.

  • Side by Side

    Side by Side brings a limitless list of opportunities in modular office seating. Characterized by the smooth curvature of the chair design, this modern age office series creates new worlds of possibilities. The sleek style is uniform for every piece of this series. Side by Side is not designed in the image of other office furniture; Side by Side creates its own image.

  • Stem

    Stem, combines the convenience of an occasional table with the elegance and appeal of a fine work of art. The slender, clean lines of the eye-catching base design add visual significance to this understated statement piece. Seemingly different from every angle, every inch of the base adds an enticing charm to the artistic design of Stem. From one side you see a crisscross pattern, from another the angles of the base design create a geometric minefield, like a latticework of clean, metal lines.

  • Webb High Back

    Modern comfort and classic style converge in the Webb Series by Burkhard Vogtherr. This innovative seating collection was conceptualized by putting a modern spin on traditional woven tape technique. The Webb chair is a classic Davis piece that has maintained itself as a staple executive design throughout the years.